Meet Dr. ChauLong Nguyen

As a dentist, I believe in developing a strong, respectful relationship with each patient I see and treat. Knowing people have entrusted their oral health and smile to me means I am assuming responsibility for their well-being; everything I do is focused on living up to and exceeding my patients’ expectations.

I believe in providing gentle, thorough, professional dental care to my patients, based on their individual needs and dental goals. Together, we form a team that works toward exceptional oral health, whether people come for regular exams and cleanings or they are seeking more extensive dental care. Before starting any treatment, I spend time with a patient, talking with him or her and answering any questions. It is essential that patients feel comfortable expressing themselves to me and I am always a willing listener.

My decision to become a dentist was made at a very young age. When I was eight years old, one of my molars had a cavity and it needed to be removed. My family was very poor, so my mother had to take me to a hospital that was a two-hour boat ride away. While I was there, I saw a girl about my age with a large, shiny, purple swelling which looked larger than the size of her tiny head. After my tooth was removed, I learned that she was suffering from a type of oral cancer. At that moment, I was determined to become a doctor to relieve such pain and suffering.

When I came as a refugee to the United States, I had ten cavities and very buck teeth. After the cavities were removed and I completed orthodontic treatment, I was so happy with how I looked and felt. That was in 1995, shortly after which I began my formal education to achieve my dream of becoming a dentist.