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One Day Teeth Implant Steps

The step by step procedure takes 3 hours in one appointment to have two implants, two abutments, and two permanent porcelain crowns. It is as follow. 1. Planing with CBCT scan 2. Photos of before   3. Surgery – primary stability of implant placement 4. Place Titanium abutments 5. X-rays confirming proper positions of implants […]

Holiday List 2017

The Holidays that are OFF : January 1st, New Year May 29, Memorial Day July 4, Independence Day September 4th, Labor Day November 23, Thanksgiving Day December 24, 25 Christmas Day Conference Days and are OFF: January 28, 29 March 30, 31 April 1, 22, 23 May 4, 5 August 25, 26 July 6, 7, 8, […]

A Month Without Sugar : Reduces Cavities and Gum Diseases

It is in chicken stock, sliced cheese, bacon and smoked salmon, in mustard and salad dressing, in crackers and nearly every single brand of sandwich bread. It is all around us — in obvious ways and hidden ones — and it is utterly delicious. It’s sugar, in its many forms: powdered sugar, honey, corn syrup, […]