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Latest News - Google Launches Kids Space for Selected Android Tablets


Google launched Kids Space, a new digital platform with apps, books and videos to keep kids entertained, engaged and educated.

Just sign in to your child's Google account to get started. Create an avatar and choose an interest (animals, crafts, science, stories, cooking, music, etc.) to create a customized experience. “Kids Space is designed to put your child at the center of the action and is designed to be explorers of what they love,” said Mindy Brooks, director of user experience for Google Kids and Families.

Go to the Play tab to access age-related apps like Code Karts, My Very Hungry Caterpillar, Endless Alphabet, and Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases; or browse the Google Library of over 400 free books on the Reading tab. Visual learners can visit the Watch and Create tabs, which feature creative clips from YouTube Kids and encourage behind-the-scenes activities including painting, building, and hacks. For more personalization, download additional content from Google Play.

“Kids are natural explorers and when they have access to great content, it can be a magical experience,” Brooks said. “They can read about their favorite dinosaur, watch a video on how to make a treat, or find a new hobby.”

In 2017, Google launched the Family Link app, which allows parents to dynamically control how much of their children have access to their Android devices at home. As both child accounts and parental controls, apps can also be used on Chromebooks to set device usage time limits and set sleep times. "Family Link was created and integrated into our core product to give parents the tools they need to stay engaged and help manage their child's online experience," Brooks wrote. But the Internet is a huge space, and adults often need help finding useful and interesting content.

Step into Kids Space, the one-stop shop for “teacher-approved” software for kids of all ages. The Google Play program is currently available worldwide on select Lenovo tablets (including the new Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2) and will be expanding to other Android devices soon.

The concept of Google Kids Space is very similar to that of Amazon FreeTime, which was designed as a tool for parental control and access to children's content and apps. In addition, Google Kids Space not only controls which apps and content children can access, but also designs the overall appearance of Android to make it safer and more comfortable for children.

Google is working with several publishers to provide free access to popular children's books through the Reading tab in Kids Space. There are currently over 400 free books available to Kids Space users in the United States. Meanwhile, the Watch and Create tabs feature creative content from YouTube Kids, which encourages kids to engage in activities away from their smartphone screens.

This feature was developed as a new attraction for Android devices via iOS and to “lock” device user families into the ecosystem created by Google. Google has deliberately chosen to work with Lenovo to simplify the setup process for parents and make Kids Space a standard device feature.

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