Patient wanted to close gaps in her front teeth with no braces and limited cost and time.

Before, at rest, without smile

After, at rest without smile

Before, with smile

Composite veneers after 1 hr

November 20, 2016



1 hour same day

November 12, 2016



2 hours same day

November 7, 2016

Before : Patient has severe cavity with broken tooth and dark pigmented gum for over ten years.

2 hours on same day:

  1. Tooth was remove
  2. Implant was placed
  3. Bone graft
  4. Temporary tooth was placed
  5. Dark pigmentation was removed

Patient is ecstatically happy and grateful.

A week later on November 14

September 7, 2016



1 hour on same day

Restoring six upper front teeth

Sam has gaps in upper front teeth and she doesn’t like them.

First option is to do brackets or Invisalign braces which costs $5,000-$7,000 and a year or two years to finish. She may need some bonding to make them look perfect.

Second option is what Dr. Nguyen did in two hours. Her dad pays $600 and insurance pays $1,900.

Sam is very happy. Her grandmother and dad are extremely happy and grateful.

This is what Sam’s father said:

“Nice, looks good. Great job! “

“They look great. Thank you. ?have a great day! “

A perfect and permanent smile in 1 hour! No braces, no surgery, pain free and saves thousands of dollars.

Our 92 years old patient is very happy after receiving his new implants over denture.

3D planning with CBCT Scanner before surgery

Replacing missing teeth from a failed bridge

After extraction of infected tooth from failed bridge, two implants were placed in less than an hour