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Latest News - Apple Withdraws Fortnite From iOS App Store, Epic Games Returns With Lawsuit

Informe - Apple removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store in response to Epic Games by adding a direct payout option in multiplayer titles, barring Apple from any revenue share.

"Today, Epic Games made the unfortunate decision to violate App Store policies, which apply equally to all developers and are designed to keep the store safe for our users," Apple said in a statement to PCMag. As a result, their Fortnite app has been removed from the store.

However, Epic Games plans to react with an antitrust lawsuit. Shortly after the shutdown, the game company filed a lawsuit in a US district court, arguing that Apple had a monopoly over control of the iOS app store.

Epic is bringing this lawsuit to end Apple's unfair and anti-competitive actions to illegally maintain its monopoly on two separate multi-billion dollar markets: (i) the iOS app distribution market and (ii) the in-app payment processing. iOS Marketplace,” the lawsuit claims.

The game company also launched a “Fortnite Free” campaign, which included a video parodying Apple's famous 1984 commercial. Except in this case, Apple is now a totalitarian government.

Under current iOS app store rules, purchases made in third-party apps must generate Apple more than 30% of revenue. However, Epic Games and other software developers call this monopoly practice, because iOS apps can only be officially released in one place – Apple's App Store. As a result, app makers criticized the 30% fee as an unfair “Apple tax”.

"Apple's playing field is the most uneven in the history of tech products," said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, in an interview with Bloomberg last month.

Tensions prompted Epic Games Thursday to bypass iOS App Store rules by adding a direct in-game payout option to Fortnite. There's a good reason for players to take advantage of it: the new payment option “Epic Direct” offers up to 20% discounts on virtual in-game items compared to Apple's standard payment method.

“By offering an alternative payment system, we not only give players more choices, but we can pass savings on to players,” Epic Games said in its FAQ.

However, Apple refuted critics who said the 30% fee was unfair. The company notes that the iOS business model has helped dozens of developers, including Epic Games, reach millions of consumers and generate revenue.

Epic has had apps on the App Store for a decade and has benefited from the App Store ecosystem, including the tools, testing, and distribution that Apple makes available to all developers, Apple said. Epic has voluntarily accepted the App Store Terms of Service guidelines and we are delighted that they have built such a successful App Store business. The fact that their business interests are now driving them to push for special deals doesn't change anything. The fact that it's a policy of creating an equal playing field for all developers and making the store safe for all users.

According to Apple, Epic Games has added a direct payment option without consulting the company. Epic has enabled features in its apps that have not been reviewed or approved by Apple, and have done so with the intent of violating the App Store's in-app payments policy, which applies to all developers who they create digital goods or sell services. He mentioned.

However, Apple said it was willing to work with Epic Games to "fix" the breach so that Fortnite could return to the iOS App Store. But Epic Games' lawsuit shows that the game company intends to bring the battle to justice.

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