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Latest News - Storm Season At The Horizon. How You May Put Together.

The atlantic hurricane season starts in a single week and it is important for mississippians to prepare. Commissioner of insurance mike chaney his making recommendations to % a “go bag.”


When preparing for the season you can don't forget including the subsequent objects on your pass bag.

What to encompass in a pass bag: 
Essential files: coverage playing cards, social security playing cards, and so on.
Hold copies of these files in a waterproof container or virtual image saved online.
Medicinal drugs
A battery-powered radio
A gallon of consuming water for every member of the family and puppy
The department additionally recommends that you take stock of your possessions and have a documentation of these items inside the event of damage.

The national affiliation of coverage commissioners (naic) gives a unfastened domestic stock app. It makes it easy for purchasers to create and guard a record of their belongings and offers guidelines on catastrophe instruction and submitting claims. The naic domestic stock app may be downloaded from the app store and google play.

“don’t overlook to study your coverage coverage and make certain you're acquainted together with your rules,” stated commissioner chaney. “when you have questions, contact your insurance agent or insurer.”

Flood damage is generally no longer blanketed through a general homeowners or renter’s coverage policy. In case you don’t have flood insurance and are considering buying a policy, recall there's a 30-day waiting length in case you buy through the national flood coverage software (nfip).
A few insurance regulations have a special deductible for losses resulting from named storms. The insurer applies this deductible best when a named storm causes damage. This deductible is separate and exceptional from the normal deductible in a homeowners policy.

If you need help with an insurance query or claim, call 601-359-3569, e mail [email protected] or go to www.Mid.Ms.Gov

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