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Latest News - Indonesian Crypto Apps with Android

Nowadays, many people have started to be literate with technology and there are many ways to make money with an online business, one of which is by trading crypto.

Crypto trading is increasingly being known by people, because it can promise double profits, even though there is a big risk behind it, playing trading is something high return and high risk activity.

Bitcoin is a crypto coin that has a very high value which some time has reached almost 1 billion and at that time many crypto traders were rich because of it, but you as a novice trader must first know the best and official Indonesian crypto applications registered with CoFTRA.

BAPPEBTI Indonesia Crypto Application 

Below, there are several official Indonesian crypto applications from Bappepti which if your funds will be safe if you use the platform of the following applications:

1. Indodax


The first application that I recommend to invest in crypto coins is the Indodax application which was created and founded by PT. Indonesian National Indodax. which has long been established in 2014 which was originally called bitcoin indonesia and in 2018 changed to indodax.

Indodax is one of the most popular crypto money investment platforms in Indonesia. because it is an easy, fast and secure service. and I myself also use this platform for crypto money investment needs.

2. Zipmex


The next cryptocurrency investment platform is zipmex. which has also been registered with CoFTRA as an official safe investment platform. and can be an option if you want to start investing in crypto money.

Is one of the popular platforms in Indonesia in playing with crypto money. Established in 2019 in Singapore. and now it has become an investment platform with many users in southeast asia as well as in australia.

3. Aplikasi Pintu 


The Indonesian CoFTRA crypto application, which is officially operating and supervised by financial authority services, is the door application.

Although it is a new platform in the world of crypto money market investment that was founded in 2020, in fact this application makes it very easy for users to play crypto money trading with cheap and affordable spreads.

Doing crypto trading is very easy with just a cellphone capital. so it is very easy to analyze whether the value of money goes down or up. because in this application a menu has been provided that needs to be checked every time in playing crypto money trading.

 Maybe that's all I can say about the best Indonesian crypto application that can be an option if you want to learn to invest your money. always use a truly official trading platform so that your funds will be safe.

Because now there are so many similar applications that offer a sizable advantage but are just a hoax. for that always be careful, thank you so much.

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